Woman’s Watches

Every woman loves a good accessory. Some prefer rings and bracelets, or necklaces and earrings. I prefer watches. Decorative, attractive, and practical, all in one package! A woman’s watch is an extension of her personality. It can explain your hobbies and interests in one brief glance. It will tell people where you like to shop, what you enjoy, or even give an idea of what kind of vehicle you have. You may be attracted to Gautier or Chanel, while your BFF is into Timex or Fossil. Yours may be a diamond watch, while hers is a digital sport watch.

Whatever your taste may be, there is a watch for you. If you prefer a classic style, you may choose to look for something gold or silver in color, with a pearl face, and metal band, similar in design to a bracelet. For a sportier feel, look for something with a brightly lit L.E.D. face, rubberized band, and more often than not, waterproof. For a trendier look, ladies’ watches are available in many bright colors, face designs, sizes, and band styles. Currently, a diamond watch paired with brightly colors bands and faces seem to be most fashionable. A casual womans watch may have a medium sized face with gold or silver markings, and a leather band, and manual dial to set the time. These watches are rarely digital. Another recently popular style, vintage watches, is hard to come by. A buyer looks for one in good condition, with a light patina, depending on age. All moving parts should be working, and all accents, diamonds, or pearls should be intact. Prices on these different styles will vary by design, style, material, and brand.

You can find womans watches with many different features included. Some will tell you seconds, as well as the date. Others have timers, barometric pressure, temperature, and alarms. Ladies watches are available in many different styles and colors. Here are some of my favorites, in a variety of styles and prices. Maybe one of these will work for you!

Invicta Women’s Steel Chronograph Diamond Watch

  • Sparkling diamonds dot the beaded bezel of this elegant women’s watch
  • Exclusively handmade women’s timepiece represents a pinnacle in superiority
  • Invicta women’s chronograph watch boasts solid stainless steel construction

Pulsar Women’s Black Stainless Steel Watch

  • Pulsar timepiece exhibits a twist of modernity with a touch of style
  • Women’s watch features a black ion-plated stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Watch has a grey dial with silvertone hands and hour markers

Lucky Brand Women’s ‘LOVE’ Design Watch

  • Complement any ensemble with the design of a Lucky Brand watch
  • Women’s ‘Love’ timepiece features white enamel-filled letters L, V and E on the case
  • Fashion watch showcases a brown leather strap

Activa By Invicta Women’s Digital Watch, Orange

  • Stay equipped with the latest in technology with this sporty Activa timepiece
  • With digital display, Invicta women’s watch is sure to keep pace with your active lifestyle
  • Women’s chronograph wristwatch boasts a vibrant orange design

As you can see, your options are endless. You can find a watch that matches your personality and wear it every day, or you can keep a selection and pick one to match your mood. It is amazing how such a practical and functional item and complete any outfit as the necessary accessory.